Mixed Dots Wall Decals 108 pcs

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Decals to decorate walls and furniture
Available shapes are triangles, stars and dots
Many colors available
Free your creativity and personalize your home

Mixed Dots Wall Decals 108 pcs


To make a home unique and totally personalized, nothing is better than to unleash your creativity; thankfully we are here to give you the right tools. With our decal sets, you can use stars, dots, and triangles to create new patterns and decorations on your walls to lighten up even the most boring furniture.

Do you want to create a sober, unique precise design using dots of two different colors? No problem. Do you prefer to go overboard and create a chaotic explosion of colors and shapes that will inebriate your guests even before opening the wine? Easy, it’s enough to put the decals on trusting your imagination and that’s done. Just be careful, once you put the first one on, you won’t be able to stop.


  • Non-toxic vinyl decals
  • Recommended surfaces: clean smooth walls, tiles, glass, metal, smooth wallpaper, closets, plastic
  • Not recommended surfaces: harsh, broken or uneven surfaces
  • Available colors: white, black, grey, blue, medium blue, sky blue, purple, red, blush, pink, yellow, green
  • All Available Sizes:

Triangles 60 pcs = 2”x2”
Stars 124 pcs = 21 pcs 2.75”x3.14”// 40 pcs 2”x2” // 63 pcs 1”x1”
Mixed Dots 108 pcs = 36 pcs 1.7”x1.7”// 72 pcs 1”x1”
Small Dots 72 pcs = 1”x1”

Triangles 60 pcs = 5x5cm
Stars 124 pcs = 21 pcs in 7x8cm // 40 pcs in 5x5cm // 63 pcs in 3x3cm
Mixed Dots 108 pcs = 36 pcs in 4.5x4.5cm // 72 pcs in 3x3cm
Small Dots 72 pcs = 3x3cm

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