Brain Ice Cube Tray

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Give your guests a brain freeze
Ideal for any theme party, gathering, or special event
Each cube shaped like a tiny brain!
Frozen fruit juice can make different-colored brains for a fun variation

Brain Ice Cube Tray


We're coming for your brains!!! The Brain Ice Cube Tray is the perfect way for zombie fans and medical students to cool their beverages. The tray is made of food-grade silicone and creates brain shaped chocolates, ice lollies, and jellies. These synapse happy ice cubes will also make the perfect Halloween drink accompaniment, kids' birthday parties, gag-gift sessions, and more

What about the well-known-but-oft-misunderstood "Brain Freeze" phenomenon? You know - the pain you get when you drink a beverage (usually of the not-quite-frozen-yet-still-below-zero variety), and a pain shoots from your sinus cavity into your brain like icy daggers... yeah, Brain Ice Cube Tray could definitely do that.

Obviously, these chilled brains don't have to be made with plain old water. Makes ice cubes, chocolates, gelatins, and more. Why not go atomic undead green, realistic grey matter or slasher-tastic lumpy red. All are perfectly possible with a little food color and imagination. The Brain Ice Cube Tray is the perfect way for the thinking man or woman to chill their drinks.

We have found an online tutorial by Tallystreasury to make Brain Ice Cube Tray Candles!


  • Brain Ice Cube Tray - silicone ice cube tray that makes brain-shaped ice cubes
  • Material: 100% food grade silicone
  • Color: Random
  • Creates 4 brains ice cubes
  • Dimensions:3’’x5.9’’x0.98’’ – 16x15x2.5cm
  • Certification: CE/EU, FDA, LFGB
  • Working Temperature: -40°F / +446°F (-40°C / +230°C)
  • We suggest cleaning the tray before using by putting it into a cold water for 15-30 minutes, then put it in cold water with vinegar for one day. Vinegar will also work as a disinfectant

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