Vase with Irises, Paint by Numbers Kit

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DIY painting, Irises by Van Gogh
Match the numbers on the canvas to colors
Kit with canvas, brushes, paint
Ideal to relax while painting

Vase with Irises, Paint by Numbers Kit


It is undeniable, we all loved coloring books when we were children, even if many of us did not like to paint within the lines. If you want to get that adrenaline rush again, or if you are looking for a creative way to relax and detox from everyday stress, here is the adult version of the children coloring books: our paint by numbers canvas, including brushes and acrylic paint.

The process is very easy and it will allow you to effortlessly make real masterpieces - in this instance Irises by Van Gogh: in the kit you will find a pre-printed canvas divided into small numbered areas, a set of numbered colors, and all the brushes you will need to work; the only thing you will have to do is to put on your best painting apron and fill all the blank spaces with the same number colors. Easy, don’t you think? A funny, educational, anti-stress hobby is also suitable for kids.


  • Subject: Vase with Irises by Van Gogh
  • Paint by numbers canvas dimensions 16”x20” - cm 40x50
  • Acrylic colors
  • Nylon brushes
  • available with or without Frame

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