Kitchen Art Decoration Pen

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Decorating pen for cappuccino, cakes and other dishes
It works with any kind of spices
Free your creativity and personalize your dishes

Kitchen Art Decoration Pen


Are you tired of making delicious dishes that look like a car crash between a truck filled with mistakes and failed experiment? Today we give you the solution to the problem, dedicated to those who want to enjoy food at 360 degrees, it will allow you to free your creativity and to become a real artist in the kitchen.

This comfortable and easy to use pen can be loaded with all sorts of spices (as long as they are in powder!) and it will allow you to easily decorate any dish with real drawings. Do you want to put to shame the little hearts that the expert barista draws on your cappuccino? Load the pen with cocoa powder and show them what you can do, using that white foam as your canvas! Do you want to show how much love you put in preparing the chicken curry? No problem, use the same spice to draw a yellow heart on the serving plate; the limit is your imagination!

The pen allows you to make creative messages and drawings with all-natural materials found in food, such as ground cinnamon, paprika, parsley, instant cocoa powder, ground sugar and more.


  • Plastic
  • CE/EU Certification
  • White
  • Eco-friendly

Customer Reviews

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packaging, delivery speed, product, all perfect!

packaging, delivery speed, product, all perfect!



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