Original ideas for DIY gifts

Original ideas for DIY gifts

When it comes to making a gift you can always trust Wantalo's suggestions. But a gift is not complete if you do not put yours too. For example, it might be a good idea to have a birthday card in which you can offer good birthday phrases (here are some suggestions) or you can offer DIY gifts.

Sometimes it's nice to offer a truly extravagant and personalized gift. For this reason, we have found three ideas from the blogger sammydemmy on how to make really special DIY gifts. After all, it takes only a little to make.

DIY lightbulbs

A beautiful light bulb glasses - set of 4 is a great birthday present, and perfect for the "gentlemen of the science". All you need is to combine them with DIY gifts like the DIY mini light bulbs in FIMO, to brighten up this birthday.

light bulbs gift idea

What you need:

  1. Soft FIMO, yellow and silver grey
  2. Black string
  3. Oven paper
  4. Thick white paper card (about 300 g) A4 size
  5. Pencil
  6. scissors
  7. Eraser
  8. Small kitchen knife
  9. Black marker for handlettering
  10. Hot glue
  11. Paper punch

How to do:

1. Use the pencil to draw the shape of a light bulb, height about 1.4'' (3-4 cm), on baking paper. Now create the pear-shaped top with yellow FIMO, modeling the edges. Then make a thin cord with grey FIMO and place it on the yellow bulb as shown. Press everything firmly, but not too strong.

 lightbulbs step 1


2. Continue with the lower part of the pear, as made on the sketch. Place the soft pastry on top and press it. Scratch off some vertical stripes with a knife and use it to cut away some details, to make it look like a light bulb. Now put everything in the oven! After that, add the 20 cm long black string with hot glue on the back of the lightbulb.

 light bulbs step 2


3. Cut the white card to a size of  4.33'' x 6.3'' (11×16cm). Put the light bulb where you like and write your birthday wishes using a pencil. For the pop title "Highlight of the year", you can do it both applying a 3D-effect or just write directly on the card.

Use the black marker to write better letters. Remember: for the smaller parts only use the tiny part of the marker, while for larger parts, like letters of "Happy Birthday", the best solution is to make thicker vertical lines, and leave the rest thin. Let dry everything and then erases the pencil lines.

light bulb step 3


4. Finally, use the paper punch to pierce a corner of the card and insert a string, so that you can tie it on the paper. Wantalo Light Bulbs DIY Gift, sounds perfect, right?

light bulb step 4

Final results:

light bulbs final result

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